Friday, August 12, 2011

Update 8-10-11

It's been a while, and I've completed some new projects! The most recent being a new banjo. I made it out of a busted cutting board, a busted child's classical guitar, and a nut serving dish (shaped like a nut). I found the strap in a free box also.

My roomate Mikey shows off banjo number ten..

Soon I'll add some pictures of the hot sauce shelf I made for my work, as well as a few other banjos I never got the chance to take pictures of.

Friday, January 28, 2011

New work

Here is a Lucet I made for my girlfriend. It was invented by the vikings, and is a cord making tool. I made it out of some walnut I had laying around.
(Click images to view full size)

I have also completed a new banjo, it has a 20 inch scale length, making it the smallest banjo I've ever made. It sounds nice, and is very portable.

This shows how long the neck is compared to my hand.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

2009-2010 Projects

Hello, my name is Ben, and I make homemade instruments out of nearly all recycled materials.
 Click the pictures to see full-sized

This is the workbench in my garage! As you can see, I have collected many cans for future projects. 

I have now made six Can Banjos and one Cigar box Guitar. My first three projects are shown above and below.

This is my first Cigar Box Guitar. It is a six-string with a 22 inch scale length.

This is my 4th banjo, made from an old lunch box engraved "Janice Ludwig."
It is also pictured at the top of this page

A kalimba made from a cigar box and an old rake.

My latest project made for John!